Motor Vehicle Operator

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Updated: June 12, 2019
Job ID: 214864
Status: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Location: Bethesda, MD, United States

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HJF is seeking Motor Vehicle Operator to support the Administrative Support Division (ASD) located at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland. HJF provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to ASD. 

The incumbent works under the guidance of the Lead Administrative Support Assistant and Support Services Supervisor. Serves as a Motor Vehicle Operator, operating multiple types of vehicles to transport passengers, packages, U.S. Mail and other general items. Transports executives, faculty, students and staff members to destinations on the installation and off the installation for official business throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. Further serves as a Mail Clerk, receiving, processing and distributing a wide variety of U.S. and inter-agency classified and unclassified mail. Performs word processing in combination with other general office clerical support tasks.


  1. Operates several different types of government motor vehicles, including automobiles, light trucks and 15-passenger vans with gross weights of up to 7,000 pounds. Operates vehicles on federal installations, over federal, state, and county roadways and city streets in all types of traffic and road conditions. Transports the University's President, Deans, Vice Presidents, and other passengers on the installation and while conducting official business throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. Transports U.S. mail, agency mail, small packages, and other general items. Loads and unloads vehicles. Ensures cargo is protected and properly distributed and secured.
  2. Reviews and makes adjustments to daily schedules and determines most efficient means of satisfying travel/transportation requirements. Determines destinations and plans most efficient routes unless  established  itinerary  has  been  previously arranged. Performs  daily  vehicle  inspections. Records and maintains logs and trip tickets to document pertinent vehicle information. Reviews vehicle utilization history and determines and arranges for needed maintenance and repair with the ASD Travel/Transportation Branch. Ensures vehicles are properly fueled and loaded. Performs basic operator maintenance and ensures vehicles are appropriately washed and cleaned. Completes preventive maintenance records and accident reports when required.
  3. Responsible for the prompt, efficient and careful operation of a motor vehicle.  Determines the type of vehicle to be used unless otherwise indicated by the supervisor.  Ensures comfort and safety of passengers. Complies with all safety and traffic regulations, signs and signals. Exercises care while operating under hazardous conditions and ensures that passengers comply with safety requirements. Must be able to effectively deal with people in a hospitable manner.
  4. Sorts and delivers all Agency and U.S. Postal service mail. Processes mail containing highly technical and scientific materials using specialized terminology to route contents to over 100 distribution points. Works independently, using established operating procedures. Distributes various internal communications, publications, etc. Ensures that distributions are accomplished with the correct quantities to the appropriate offices.
  5. Receives incoming classified/unclassified bulk mail and packages, sorting and delivering according to addressee throughout the installation. Reroutes misdirected mail, screening for priority and misaddressed items. Opens and reads mail addressed to the agency to determine and direct the material to the proper organizational element. Handles registered and certified mail with special security classification markings. Processes outgoing classified and unclassified materials for mailing via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to local, national, military and other constituents worldwide. Screens outgoing mail to insure adherence to USPS and agency procedures and required information. Prepares paperwork to accompany mail addressed to foreign countries. Mail is weighed to determine classification and processed using mail metering equipment. Separates mail by classification, organizes bulk mailings (First Class, Book rate etc.), and applies appropriate postage. Ensures that outgoing mail costs are kept at the lowest applicable rates, and that special mailings (priority, first class etc.) are used only when appropriate.
  6. Prepares various logs, receipts, mailing labels, prescribed forms, control sheets, pouching and/or wrapping materials for shipment of mail per USPS procedures. Screens outgoing materials to assure they are in the proper format and assembled/addressed in accordance with appropriate regulations.
  7. Prepares and distributes Courier delivered mail. Uses the agency's electronic locator system to redirect items that do not contain sufficient address information. Returns, or contacts the originator or receiving office to resolve discrepancies. Safeguards mail and provides a telephonic locator service to all customers.  Coordinates medical student mailbox locations. Reassigns student mailboxes and combinations. Assists with student out-processing procedures and records mail forwarding information.  Answers customer walk up and telephone inquiries. Prepares and maintains all mail records, such as logs, registers, and postage use forms. Performs a wide range of clerical duties.
  8. Assists with other administrative functions within the Administrative Support Division.
  9. Performs related duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid state driver's license. Skill in manipulating controls for starting, stopping, backing up and driving vehicles in all types of traffic and road conditions. Skill in maneuvering vehicles to avoid jostling passengers. Ability to deal effectively with people in a hospitable manner and adjust driving methods to the surrounding traffic to ensure passenger/vehicle  safety. Knowledge of federal, state, and local transportation safety laws, rules and regulations and use of a Global Space Positioning System (OPS).
  • Knowledge and skill to load cargo, using appropriate securing mechanisms for transit on expected roads at expected speeds and conditions. Knowledge of vehicle operators’ manuals and ability to conduct inspections, recognize developing maintenance problems and make technical reports.
  • Knowledge of organizational elements to sort, distribute and control mail, classified and unclassified material. Ability to use agency office symbols, scientific terminology, subject matter, organizational directory and distribution schemes. Ability to operate a postal metering machine and other office equipment. 'I11orough knowledge of security procedures and guidelines for handling, safeguarding and processing mail packages and documents.  Ability to communicate orally to establish and maintain productive work and customer service relationships.
  • Must be able to obtain a security clearance to transport sensitive documents. Must be able to obtain and submit a good, current driving record upon request.
  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma.

Minimum Experience/ Training Requirements: 0 -2 years of experience in a job requiring the operation of a truck. 

Required Licenses, Certification or Registration: Valid state driver’s license. 

Physical Capabilities: Requires physical effort and agility to control and operate motor vehicles. Ability to handle objects weighing up to 40 pounds and heavier with assistance. Moderate physical effort is required to secure cargo. On occasion, considerable physical effort is required to make limited emergency repairs.  Ability to drive, walk, lift, bend and stoop.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Receives oral and written assignments that outline the overall scope. Assignments may indicate: type of vehicle to be operated, destination, cargo, passengers, purpose of trip, deadlines and any special purposes.  Mail processing work is performed with limited supervision and may be spot checked but is generally not reviewed in detail. The work is done without continuing instructions, although superiors are available for consultation on highly complex issues.

Work Environment: Motor vehicle operator duties are performed outside and may be exposed to adverse weather conditions both when driving and when loading/unloading vehicles.  Duties also involve driving in an types of traffic over complicated public roads and interchange systems with the potential of serious accidents. Mail duties are normally performed indoors in a mail operation setting.

Background: Eligibility to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC); eligibility to obtain and hold a Public Trust background.

Employment with HJF is contingent upon successful completion of a background check, which may include, but is not limited to, contacting your professional references, verification of previous employment, addresses, education, and credentials, a criminal background check, drug screening, and a department of motor vehicle (DMV) check.  

HJF is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of the Chief Human Resources Officer.