Technical Writer / Editing Specialist

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Updated: May 26, 2018
Job ID: 213928
Status: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Temporary
Location: Bethesda, MD, United States

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The incumbent will primarily provide editorial support to the Director of Administrative Support. Division, Assistant Vice President for Administration, Chief of Staff; Dean of the School of Medicine, and the USU President.

The position will also support the Administrative Support Divisions Records Management Branch with maintaining and preservation of the agency's active records, and ensure the inactive records are disposed of in accordance with the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) disposition schedules.


  1. The purpose of this position is to gather; analyze, translate; compose, and edit USU Instructions, Presidents Policy Memorandum (PPM), and the Dean's Policy Memorandums (DPM) into clears readable documents to be used by technical and non- technical personnel. Collaborates with senior leadership and customers on the development of USU instructions and policy documents. Compose technical documents including, ASD user manuals, training materials, and reports. Create new documents and establish formatting requirements for future documents. Edit special reports, or any other customer deliverables and document& Functions as a communications and information specialist, preparing material for internal and external webpage publication. Conducts research and ensures the use of proper technical terminology. Maintains documentation, presentations, matrices, and other project related information in the normal upkeep of projects.
  2. Provides content editing and production services to include such as editing and correction of proper use of special military terms, acronyms and 'symbols; miss-spelled words grammatical errors; presentation format; and missing punctuation marks. Corrects page layout. Visual formatting and organization to ensure consistency and professionalism of agency Instructions products delivered to faculty/staff or posted to Preapproved information technology environments ensuring compliance with the standard operating procedures and other governance-type documents, Supports collaborative team to resolve problems associated with file or content to-emit/types:
  3. Review documents to ensure they meet editorial and government specifications and adhere to DoD standards-and USUHS requirement for quality, graphics, format, and style
  4. Maintains documentation on organizational web pages
  5. Provide administrative support the development tracking, and renewal of USU Instructions, President's Policy Memorandum (PPM), and the Dean's Policy Memorandums (DPM),
  6. Maintain, update, and monitor the USUHS automated tracking system for all USU Instructions, PPMs, and DPMs. Maintain master files for the USU Instructions, PPMs, and DPMs to, include the original signed copy, all draft copies, arid coordination sheets. Notify the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) of the USU Instruction review date, and coordinate and assist the OPR with their requests, comments and questions regarding the agency's Instructions, PPM, and DPM process.
  7. Monitor and ensure the USU Instructions, PPMs and DPMs are reviewed, updated or cancelled. Monitor and review the USU Instructions, PPM, and DPM website for accuracy, reporting errors or findings to the USU management and the University's Webmaster.
  8. Format, edit, and assign numbers to new USU Instructions, PPMs, and DPMs and conduct the accessibility process. Review and forward final formatted USU Instructions, PPMs, and DPMs to Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for approval.
  9. Prepare Executive Summary Sheets for final USU Instructions coordination with the OPR to include the. Vice President for Finance and Administration (VFA), General Counsel (OGC), and Chief of Staff for the USU President's signature. Records, dates, and prepares the final signed USU Instructions, PPMs, or DPMs to be uploaded to the ASD's website.
  10. Provide records-management guidance, training, and assistance to USU personnel. Interpret and apply Department of Defense (DoD) directives, regulations and guidelines for application of records management within USU.
  11. Coordinate and assist the implementation of the USU records management program adhering to established standards and policies Develop and retain current guidelines, practices and procedures throughout the life cycle of each departments/section's records.
  12. Reviews and ensures essential documents and record information required for the continuity of USU operations are identified and preserved in compliance with DoD directives. Assist in identifying, labeling, and automated file retention plans for the USU records.
  13. Reviews and assist with the development, preparation, and monitoring of the long-range records management objectives ensuring all USU offices have approved file plans for the department's records.
  14. Serve as the alternate records management administrator and provides assistance for the inspections in preparation of annual audits by the Defense Health Agency (DILA). Coordinate and/or conducts training and guidance classes with the DHA representative(s) to the USU faculty members and administrative staff for records management to include maintenance, retention, storage and disposal.
  15. Conduct assessments and evaluations to ensure USU records are being maintained in accordance with DoD guidelines; requirements and criteria and assist with the development of corrective action plans as-needed. Assist with maintaining and organization of the USU files storage and staging area.

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