Senior Certified Cancer Registrar

Updated: March 6, 2018
Job ID: 213450
Status: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Location: Rockville, MD, United States

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HJF is seeking a Senior Certified Cancer Registrar to support the Cancer Registry at the John P. Murtha Cancer Center (MCC) Rockville Office at Rockville, Maryland.  HJF provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to MCC.

The John P. Murtha Cancer Center located at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland is a modern, patient-centric, tri-service military healthcare facility. Its comprehensive core of military and civilian oncologists and other cancer-trained clinicians and researchers provide multidisciplinary cancer-care delivery and patient-family support services. Our Cancer Center, the only DoD Cancer Center of Excellence within the Military Health System, offers its patients access to cutting-edge cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies.


1.         Cancer Program Management (Approx. 75%):

  • Collaborates with Lead Certified Cancer Registrar on problems, procedures, and methods of collecting and retrieving data and performs research studies, workload statistics, and projects. Identifies issues, proposes solutions, and initiates action for resolution. Identifies methods of utilizing registry data through patient care evaluation audits and special research studies; encourages participation in cancer prevention programs, cancer screenings, and health fairs. Advises the Cancer Committee on change in cancer patient population, referral patterns, trends in treatment modalities, and other topics of interest to the committee. Prepares reports and research data for the Cancer Committee and the Commission on Cancer from computerized database.
  • Assists the Cancer Committee in performing quality of care audits and in developing cancer-related patient care evaluation criteria and procedures. Participates in the PCE studies of the Commission on Cancer. Assists in the design and development of the Annual Plan; assists in the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer survey (ACS-CoC). Accesses required tumor and cancer abstract data in Automated Central Tumor Unified Registry (ACTUR); prepares correspondence.

2.         Data Quality Control/Management (Approx. 25%):

  • Uses established methodology to evaluate the performance of functional areas within the office. Advises on and performs a wide range of technical and administrative duties, involved in the development, analysis, maintenance and use of diagnostic and therapeutic cancer data. Plans, organizes, and implements a systematic cancer data program system in compliance with ethical and legal requirements and in accordance with the Commission on Cancer, American College of Surgeon guidelines, and Navy, Army, and DoD Cancer instructions.
  • Attends the DoD ACTUR/National Cancer Registrars Association annual meeting to maintain current certification and meet continuing education requirements. Participates in local or national cancer related educational activity in accordance with ACS-CoC standards. Manages the Program design, input, and retrieval of the computerized cancer database with the Information Technology Department and other personnel, as necessary. Manages workflow to meet production levels and avoid backlogs.

 Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of Joint Commission, Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), and all other regulatory standards of accrediting agencies regarding legal requirements related to reporting cancer data. Understanding of recognized reference standards, medical and legal requirements to perform cancer data analysis to assist in the ongoing evaluation of the adequacy of the hospital cancer program.
  2. Knowledge of Facility Oncology Registry Data Standards (FORDS), International Classification of Diseases (ICD) – 9 and ICD-0 Coding, Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) staging, and American Joint Committee on Cancer Tumor Nodes Metastasis (AJCC TNM) staging.
  3. Knowledge of specialized principles and practices related to cancer data management used to test and make recommendations for improving the hospital cancer program. Knowledge of the principles and mechanics of quality assurance and the medical audit as they relate to cancer and the governmental regulations necessitating such programs.
  4. Knowledge of administration and management techniques, to include current trends in health care delivery; accreditation standards for the CoC Cancer Program Survey; the role of the coordinator in the cancer management system; ethics and confidentiality of cancer data; the objectives, methodology and effectiveness of in-service education programs; professional communications, oral and written, and the role of the professional associations in the promotion of the cancer data systems.
  5. Knowledge of systematic cancer data system, requirements of the HIPAA and the Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts, and agency policies regarding the release of information.
  6. Knowledge of cancer, the disease and its management, to encompass the definition, etiology, and treatment, differences between benign and malignant disease, grading differentiation, specific diagnosis and treatment for each type of malignant disease and the spread of malignant disease.
  7. Knowledge of cancer, the disease and its management, to encompass the definition, etiology, and treatment, differences between benign and malignant disease, grading differentiation, specific diagnosis and treatment for each type of malignant disease and the spread of malignant disease.
  8. Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, pathology, physiology, and a practical knowledge of medical procedures and diagnoses.
  9. Working knowledge of statistics to assess patient workload and establish quality control and assessment.
  10. Familiarity with pharmaceutical generic/trade names.
  11. Familiarity with chemotherapy drugs as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy regimens.
  12. Knowledge of mechanics of a cancer data system in order to establish and maintain a hospital-based data collection, follow-up, end-results reporting and research system with emphasis on the mechanics of cancer data activities, data sets, coding schemes, follow-up, report preparation, end-results reporting and special studies; ability to organize, coordinate and apply established principles, concepts and techniques of the total cancer data system.

Minimum Education/Training Requirements:  Bachelor's degree.

Minimum Experience:    6-10 years experience as a Certified Cancer Registrar.

Physical Capabilities:   Requires long periods of desk or computer work.

Required Licenses, Certification or Registration:  Must possess current certification as a Cancer Registrar.

Work Environment:  Clinical or hospital environment.

Must be a US Citizen and pass a favorable National Agency Check.

HJF is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of the Chief Human Resources Officer.