Program Administration Specialist

Updated: November 29, 2017
Job ID: 213397
Status: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Location: Bethesda, MD, United States

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HJF is seeking a Program Administration Specialist who will support the Health Professionals Education (HPE) Program Faculty and the Long Term Career Outcome Study (LTCOS), both of which are important elements of the Educational Mission in the Department of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine. HJF provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to HPE and LTCOS.

This administrator will be involved in the operational requirements of two primary areas: the Masters and PhD program in Health Professions Education (HPE); the Long-Term Career Outcome Study (LTCOS), which comprises a group of senior investigators and deans at our institution; educational research studies that pertain to these areas that span UME and GME. The incumbent will support several faculty and the students in HPE as well as provide administrative support for LTCOS. The incumbent provides direct assistance to assigned HPE faculty and students as well as LTCOS faculty and works with other HPE administration.


  • As a Program Administration Specialist, the incumbent provides direct administrative support to faculty and students in HPE as well as LTCOS. The incumbent provides administrative support to HPE and LTCOS faculty and assists faculty and students with administration and management of educational research studies that apply to these areas; coordinates the scheduling of the faculty and graduate students in the HPE, as well as scheduling of course rooms and LTCOS conferences; provides support to faculty for annual divisional reviews and academic appointments, ensuring materials for promotion packages are complete in compliance with USU policy. Such assigned faculty support includes but is not limited to: maintaining calendars, notifying participants of meetings, distributing materials electronically and/or by hard copy, securing meeting rooms, arranging travel, coordinating continuing medical education credit, assisting with communication about the degree program within the US and abroad, taking notes and distributing minutes, working closely with other HPE administrative staff. This individual will also perform various other duties as outlined by the Director of HPE and LTCOS. Shows independence and initiative in implementing departmental policies and processes related to arranging meetings, seminars and faculty schedules for regularly held events. Further, this individual will assist HPE students with the above items, as needed.
  • Coordinates all aspects of LTCOS and for related research projects. As LTCOS is a university wide mission, this individual will support faculty from multiple departments in the SOM as well as multiple schools as pertains to LTCOS work. Prepares schedules, acquires course facilities, arranges HJF purchases and travel and coordinates with administrative support departments for materials and supplies as pertains to assigned faculty and students in HPE as well as LTCOS. Responds to inquiries regarding meetings, conferences, courses, schedules, and policies and procedures.
  • Provides analytic insight and support to the Directors of LTCOS and researchers working on related projects in accordance with USU and departmental policies to facilitate the structured and comprehensive administration of these programs. Responsible for administrative duties and clerical duties associated with travel, scheduling and other duties for assigned faculty and students as well as LTCOS investigators. Provides guidance and direction to students on matters that are personal and/or academic in nature. Assists assigned faculty with the timely and accurate preparation and publication of their course syllabi. Designs cross-indexing systems for all teaching resources, budgets, and course data; ensures the provision of teaching materials by the Multidiscipline Laboratory.
  • Responds to inquiries and corrects administrative problems related to the budget, procurement, parking and security, travel reservations, equipment and teaching materials, and the databases related to LTCOS. Assists assigned HPE faculty and students as well as LTCOS faculty with schedule issues. Develops, reviews, and maintains the status of a line item; analyzes the overall impact of various program administrative decisions and plans on the budget; and makes recommendations that enhance program operations. Ensures the preparation of various recurring and special administrative reports and correspondence. Follows-up on administrative actions through completion. Searches for and compiles information, and prepares reports such as student statistics, teacher statistics, accreditation, course evaluations, meeting minutes for various activities, accomplishments (for program management purposes), etc. Responsible for resolving complex problems impeding the implementation and accomplishment of mission goals and objectives by evaluating, planning, and improving efficiency and effectiveness of all three program's operations, procedures and policies, and developing related reports.
  • Will be the primary administrative point of contact for LTCOS investigators and assigned HPE faculty and students. Works with educational programs administrative manager for HPE and HPE outreach officer distributing information to potential graduate students, matriculating graduate students and faculty about the program and its processes, tracking the status of all correspondence written by faculty.
  • Prepares correspondence, documents, memoranda, and letters, takes dictation, and transcribes tape or other audio recordings or written drafts and prepares documents in final format for assigned HPE faculty, HPE students, and LTCOS approval or signature, as appropriate, and according to schedules.
  • Reads and controls all incoming correspondence, written and electronic, addressed to assigned HPE and LTCOS faculty, determining proper action and, at times, preparing answers. Reviews outgoing correspondence and reports prepared by support and faculty personnel, ensuring proper format, mathematical correctness, correct grammatical content, and ascertaining that all necessary coordination of facts has been completed and is in accordance with established policy. Follows up on deadlines and commitments, providing status reports and reminders to assigned HPE faculty, LTCOS faculty, graduate students in HPE.Takes summary notes of meetings, phone calls, etc., transcribing and distributing as directed. Maintains a schedule of activities, conferences and meetings held by LTCOS and assigned HPE faculty and students. Sets up conferences for assigned HPE faculty, HPE students and LTCOS establishing mutual times, places, etc. Upon request, writes reports of contact made with members of Congress and other influential persons to be distributed in a timely manner to appropriate USU executives, the Directors, and the Outreach Officer. Dispatches minutes of meetings, via electronic mail and Web page updates. Screens calls and greets visitors to the office, referring to staff members and/or forwarding to the Directors of LTCOS and assigned HPE faculty as appropriate.
  • ¬†Participates in and/or arranges meetings and teleconferences relating to the development, implementation, monitoring and completion of office projects and activities as directed by the Director of HPE. Schedules appointments and makes commitments for the Directors of LTCOS and assigned HPE faculty to attend meetings, luncheons, without prior approval. Personally handles many requests for information and resolves or assists in resolving complaints and problems. Supervises and designs filing and retrieval system of assigned HPE faculty, HPE students, and LTCO meetings, as well as research related to these domains and other correspondence and information and disseminates for use as needed.
  • Manages assigned HPE faculty, HPE students and LTCOS programs research projects and initiatives. When necessary, interacts with Henry M. Jackson Special Projects Administrator and others as needed to oversee grant and endowment fund transaction management and accountability. Collects or supervises the collection of financial data needed to prepare budgets pertaining to management of funds, and maintains all records pertaining to grants and endowments. Prepares analytical budget reports on computerized spreadsheets to track expenditures and account balances.
  • Assists assigned HPE faculty and LTCOS with faculty appointment and review process. Works with HPE and MED administrative support within the Office of the Chair regarding faculty appointment, promotion, and tenure, to ensure that the Director follows up on any and all outstanding issues related to faculty appointments. Shows independence in implementing departmental policies and processes. Receives monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and other documents from Henry M. Jackson Foundation as well as USU accounts; reviews for compliance with budget constraints accuracy. Provides the Director and Deputy Director of HPE monthly account status reports. Organizes financial documents and files appropriately for assigned HPE faculty, HPE students, and LTCOS. Manages data provided by the USU Office of Research Support. Reviews, documents and manages various other departmental research or endowment funds held at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation as requested by the Director of HPE.
  • Supervises and designs filing and retrieval system of grant and endowment management correspondence and information and disseminates for use by assigned HPE faculty and LTCOS investigators as needed. Operates and maintains computer programs for research. educational programs, statistical or educational analysis and assists with ethics submissions.
  • Establishes, organizes, and maintains automated archival files used for program review and improvement. Analyzes program information, such as statistical data, through searches of computerized databases and assessment of information gained through direct observation/discussions; summarizes and prepares reports. Incumbent must have (or be willing to inquire) understanding of medical terminology.
  • Maintains time and attendance records for assigned HPE faculty and LTCOS investigators as well as other faculty in the Department of Medicine, as directed. Serves as alternate timekeeper for the department, receiving time and attendance information from staff employees and entering data in required electronic manpower management and payroll system.
  • Makes domestic and international travel arrangements for assigned HPE faculty, HPE students, and LTCOS investigators as directed, including overseas clearances, ethics forms, travel vouchers, etc., using the Defense Travel System (DTS) on-line software or written forms as appropriate. Facilitates travel orders and associated vouchers for invited speakers for LTCOS programs, HPE program, and related activities. Arranges for airline or train reservations, hotel accommodations, and car rentals as needed. Makes arrangements for passports and/or visas as required. Provides logistical support for visitor programs including visiting professors and dignitaries for LTCOS.
  • Collects, compiles, reviews, and analyzes assigned faculty (HPE and LTCOS) as well as HPE student travel requests to calculate and provide input on managing department travel budget requirements. Reviews and monitors expenditures to ensure compliance with all University and DoD travel regulations, and track budget health. Responds to inquiries and corrects administrative problems related to travel. Advises and trains educational programs faculty and staff on University travel management program policies and procedures, authorized expenditures, government travel card rules and regulations, and DTS operations.
  • Coordinates with Civilian Human Resources (CHR) on personnel actions. Assists with drafting vacancy advertisements and personnel forms to facilitate new hires within LTCOS program: coordinates in- and out-processing actions for assigned HPE faculty, HPE student, and LTCOS faculty and staff personnel, i.e., ID /CAC cards, office space, computer access, and equipment and supplies.
  • Assists in orientation of newly hired assigned HPE faculty, LTCOS faculty, and HPE students, explaining technical policies and procedures established by, the Office of the Chair, the Dean, School of Medicine, and/or the USU President. Assists new employees in obtaining necessary USU identification badge, Common Access Card, parking permits, email accounts, office space, computer access, equipment and supplies, etc.
  • Responds to inquiries from faculty and staff on pay and leave and advises on University and higher headquarter policies and regulations. Provides initial troubleshooting and seeks guidance when necessary to solve problems.
  • Provides assistance to assigned HPE faculty and students as well as LTCOS faculty by gathering information and reviewing grant proposals and submissions, manuscript preparation, faculty scientific publications, and presentations to ensure proper format and correct grammatical content. Assists with performing literature searches for relevant information/data, and creates summary pages for primary researcher's review.

Job Specifications:

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of medical education, medical education administration and medical education policy. Experience working with a variety of medical educational systems and context. Ability to work completely independently; ability to use sound judgment in solving problems; ability to coordinate many complex systems and programs at the same time; excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Minimum Education/Training Requirements: Bachelor's Degree,

Minimum Experience: 4 or more years related experience in educational program management

Physical Capabilities: n/a

Required Licenses, Certification or Registration: n/a

Supervisory Responsibilities/Controls: supervises support staff

Work Environment: office and laboratory setting

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents, in lieu of stated minimums, require the prior approval of the Director of Human Resources